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Why Choose TWY

For all the right reasons to dissolve realities so you can be more open to change and choose a reality with positive energy and the power of your imagination

If you can’t seem to change your mind to adopt a new reality and dissolve present realities then you aren’t open to new excitement. Each time, Twyz will do something different and reach out into the deeper party of you through his power of hypnosis and blend into your thinking, thoughts and beliefs and set out your emotions towards happiness. It all lies in your subconscious mind where he can tap into and have a great influence upon you to mesmerize your true potential and unlock your personal thoughts, thinking and emotions to surprise yourself and have great fun.

An action-packed show that is tailored for your audience

Twyz is guaranteed to deliver an action pack show with healing methods and ways of mesmerism and make you do safe, fun loving and exciting things for the audience. A sensational show would require the audience to be the stars of the show and fascinate the audience and doing unexpected fun and enjoyable things. Twyz hypnotizes people in so many different ways and make them do safe and protected incredible things that they are unaware of, it all seems so exciting to see people dissolve their emotional issues and overcome addictions and do amazing tricks to entertain.  All this is turned out to showcase an action-packed show which is perfectly tailored for the fun and excitement of the audience.

Fast paced interactive show, full of energy, with choreographed music, audience participation and astonishing displays of hypnosis

Twyz promises to deliver a fast paced, interactive show which is full of energy with choreographed music, audience participation and astonishing displays of hypnosis. Twyz is sure to make the event fun and unforgettable with amazing displays of hypnosis tricks and talent, high paced music which is perfectly synced with the show’s tempo, audience’s participation and props which create amazing visual effects of amazement. All hypnosis activities and tricks create such an amazing crazy show for the audience which make people to overcome their stress, sadness and depression.

A free copy of the show on video just for you and your guests

All Hypnotwyz shows are filled with original comedy scripts, amazing hypnosis tricks and talent and action-packed excitement where audience are the stars of the shows. Such amazing memories and unforgettable moments are created in the show which the audience love to cherish forever. Hypnotwyz would provide a free video copy of the show just for you and your guests so that you can see the show over and over again and even remember how exciting it was to be present it the show.

Hypnotist for Birthday Parties CA

Easy step-by-step booking. We are happy to answer any questions you have providing you an outstanding customer service

Twyz is easy to reach for any entertainment comedy hypnosis shows whether it is at schools, holiday events, private parties, corporate parties, birthday parties or be it for any occasion. Twyz promises a deliver a show unlike any regular hypnosis show. Also, with our step-by-step booking and online presence, we are happy to book, reserve or answer any questions that you have regarding our shows, bookings or schedule. Our outstanding customer service would be happy to provide you with 24/7 assistance.

Safety-certified hypnotherapist who is well trained in hypnosis, so you never have to worry and can book with confidence.

Twyz is a trained, safety certified hypnotherapist, who is well-trained in performing the art of hypnosis. He is a powerful inspirational hypnotherapist and a powerful motivational speaker as well. He is featured nationwide for both corporate, campus, festivals or college events and is well diversified to handle any kind of audience.

Insurance: Grade A entertainers insurance

You can feel safe and secure with Twyz as he is a quality, certified and professional Hypnotist who practices all safe tricks and hypnotism. You can even check it out for yourself in our video below for your complete satisfaction.