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What’s so cool about HypnoTWYZ Shows?

At first I did not believe it but when I saw it for the very first time, seeing my best friend doing amazing and funny things, I was astonished. TWY James was able to make him believe that he was Justin Bieber and he actually performed and sang like him. It was so funny, I laughed till I cried. Afterwards when I asked my friend, what was it like to be hypnotized, he simply answered that you completely feel relaxed, warm and comfortable. So relaxed and comfortable that you fall asleep. And then he had no idea what was he doing. It was like he could not remember it.

How Hypnosis is Confusing for Others

Many of us would imagine and think a bizarre looking man, holding a creepy looking clock pendant and continuously swinging infront of our eyes and saying in a squeaky voice to make anyone sleep. All this would sure scare me away, but HypnoTWYZ was nothing like that. He was too cool, inspiring and acted maturely as if he was a teenager himself. He was so down to earth and kept us motivated during the whole show.

Thanks to our popular culture, hypnotism in its sense and meaning has achieved an eerie and mystical feeling. I felt so wrong about hypnosis when I actually saw it for the very first time. It was nothing like what I saw in the movies. It was so intriguing to watch TWY James perform and hypnotize people positively. My friend even said that he felt so relieved and light. Afterwards, even I wanted to be hypnotized by Twy James to watch myself performing crazy stuff.

Best Comedy Hypnosis Show Ever

After much research on the topic, I was able to understand that James Twyz had a gift to transcend the normal conditions as he was able to analyze and interpreted different associations of the mind. He has a deep understanding of the human mind and can explore major points for imagination. He can easily motivate to engage positive feelings and fun experiences in the subconscious mind and he has the gift of being exceptional talented. Great fun to watch him perform live.