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Taylor L.

“At first I wasn’t sure if people in our group were going be hypnotized for real or not. But after seeing 2 of my closest friends being hypnotized in the show, I was laughing so hard. I know for a fact they must have been way hypnotized to do what they were doing. The show had great music, perfectly timed with the way the volunteers were acting out. Hypnotwyz keeps it fast moving and energetic. I even got a free video of the show which still cracks me up when I watch it. I will have Twy at our next event. People are still talking about the last show”

Taylor J

“I am so happy to have hired Hypnotwyz. He made our party such a fun time. His show was amazing for my friends and my family. He even tailored his show for our matching theme. We were laughing so hard seeing our friends act like that and be dressed up in wigs dancing around. Way too funny. My bother volunteered and he said after he felt so relaxed. (By the way, he is a stressed out person) What a bonus! Thank you so much Hypontwyz. You were on time, professional and fun. What a great night. I will be referring you to all my friends”

Trina H.

“The best and funniest hypnosis show I’ve ever seen and I have seen a lot of them. But Hypnotwyz was by far the best. The way he worked with the volunteers on stage who were hypnotized and had them doing so many funny things, our whole crowd loved it! He even got the people in the audience involved. At one point he had 15 hypnotized volunteers and 15 more people from the audience, all involved in the show. It was so just awesome! Thanks Hypnotwyz. I will be definitely referring you. Thanks again”

Samantha F.

“HypnoTwyz, Thank you so much for coming out to entertain us. That was a hilarious hypnosis show. I’ve seen a lot of hypnosis shows and you are the best of them all. Not only you got all the people on stage but also involved them to do funny things, it made it look so much fun. The way you were able to get audience act out in such a funny way really made our event an awesome one. Thank you so much for the free video of the show. I also like the way you got here early, set up and ready to go. I will definitely want you to come again. I have recommended you to all my Friends. Thanks Hypno Twyz great show. And I might even want to talk to you about some of that hypnotherapy. I think there’s a few things in my life that I need some help changing.”

Heather D.

“Our Sorority Event went awesome!!! We all laughed during the whole show! Hypnotwyz was amazing. I am so glad that he worked with us and gave us a fair price that we could afford. The sisters had a great time. He even tailored the show just for us, using our favorite music and props. The best thing about his show is he is so much fun and works so well with all the volunteers who he hypnotized. It feels like he knows all of us even though we just met. We can’t wait to have Hypnotwyz back again for our next event. Renee and the Sisterhood of Alpha Delta Phi”

Taylor J.

“I am so happy that we hired Hypnotwyz. He made our party such a fun time. His show was great and amazing for all my friends and Family. We laughed so hard to see our friends act like that. HypnoTwyz was simply amazing and it was so astonishing to see the way he was able to hypnotize people in just a matter of seconds.”

Carolyn J.

“I recently hired Twy for a company client of mine for their holiday party, and they were extraordinarily pleased to find that he was not only punctual and professional but also an excellent hypnotist and highly entertaining. My clients and I both were extremely happy that we chose to hire Hypnotwyz, and look forward to the opportunity to do so again!”

Brittany M.

“Hypnotwyz came to our sorority sisterhood event and it was one of the best sisterhood events we have ever had. Everyone was raving about how much fun it was and how we should bring him back for another event in the fall. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a hypnotist. He had a great sense of humor, as well as some tricks and jokes that I haven’t seen other hypnotists do before. Even though we only paid for an hour, he stayed longer than an hour because we were all having such a good time. He gave us a great deal and we were extremely appreciative for his services and for such a fun night!”

Tami T.

“Hypnotwyz was great! I hired him for my daughters 13th birthday. He kept in contact with me and the day before the show to confirm that he would be there the next day. He showed up on time (with plenty of time to set up before the show was to start). He and his assistants were very professional in the set up and take down of their set. Since my party was for teens, he did age appropriate acts. The kids all had a great time with tons of laughs! Now I’m just trying to figure out when I can have him back for a show with the adults! I know it would be a lot of fun!!! I would recommend Hypnotwyz to anyone looking to have an awesome fun party!”

Annie M.

“I was more than impressed with Hypnotwyz! He put on a great show and was easy to work with. He kept our audience in mind and tailored his performance accordingly. I would highly recommend Hypnotwyz and look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Madison S.

“Hypnotwyz performed at our house for a surprise 17th birthday party. His show was simply amazing, and made the party a true success. Everyone was laughing uncontrollably the entire time, and the kids are still talking about it. We couldn’t believe how real the hypnosis was. I would recommend Hypnotwyz for any event, even in a more private setting. We are so happy to have booked him.”

Rico R.

“Hypnotwyz was amazing. We had a small script at the beginning to play into our event and he nailed it. We had a rather unique bachelor party and he was able to make it happen without a hitch. We were outdoors with not much for him to work with and he put on an amazing show. He made someone forgets their own name, it was hilarious. I’d definitely recommend Hypnotwyz and plan to use him for future events.”

Heather B.

“Hypnotwyz was amazing and the students had a great time at the event! We want to have him back as soon as we can…the only bummer was that traffic caused him to be over a half hour late! He definitely made up for it though with a great performance and he performed for a little extra time too, which was very nice of him!”


“This guy was AMAZING!!!! He had the crowd in the palm of his hands! Even the people who were not hypnotized were hypnotized by the show. was so entertaining … and I didn’t have to go all the way to Vegas to get a show that was better than anything I have seen in Vegas! TWY you are the man!”

Jonathan H.

“I just love how professional Twy is … Everything went smoothly and the show was really entertaining. Definitely hope to work with him in the future.”