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Our Comedy Hypnosis Shows

HypnoTwyz comedy hypnosis shows turns ordinary people into the stars of the shows. See your friends, your coworkers, your family members or your guest become the stars. If you want the perfect unscripted comedy with unexpected talent and unforgettable moments then the HypnoTwyz show is perfect for you. James Twyz is a professional hypnotist, who is well trained and diversified to deliver a custom hypnosis show, tailored down to the audience preference. With professional sound system and props included to cater to the interests of the audience and deliver heightened visual effect, the audience would sure love an amazing, fun filled, mesmerizing and full of excitement show which would leave them with great memories.

TWY’s Amazing and Incredible World of Hypnosis

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About the Show

Twy James has been performing on stages for 15 years and has a charismatic way of hypnosis for both exciting small or large audience groups. Twy ushers members from the audience to break out of their shells through the power of hypnosis.

What to Expect

All HypnoTwyz shows are clean, respectful and fun for all audience groups, whether it is for corporate events, college events or private parties. You are sure to see hilarious and amazing things which will happen when the power of the subconscious mind is released.

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Why Attend the Show

At HypnoTwyz show, audience will witness and experience excitement, astonishment and laughter while watching a fast paced entertainment show with customized mix of music, while volunteers from the audience act out comedy scenarios under safe hypnosis, while actually believing that it is really happening. After performing in the show, each one will feel an amazing positive feeling of empowerment and encouragement.

So whether you are in the show as an audience so become a star while performing under hypnosis, HypnoTWYZ comedy hypnosis show will leave you with a feeling of amazement and a memory to last for a lifetime.

Why You Will Like the Show

Twyz brings out the best in people under his charismatic hypnosis charms and positive energy. He is one of the best and energetic hypnotist in the country. As he promises to deliver an amazingly interactive show for the show, he also allows them to be the stars while performing great comedy scenarios, each one different from the other.

Here are just a few reasons to like the show:

  • An action packed show that is tailored for the audience
  • Fast paced interactive show, full of energy with choreographed music, audience participation and astonishing displays of hypnosis
  • A free copy of the show on video just for you and your guests
  • Easy step-by-step booking. We are happy to answer any questions you have, providing you an outstanding customer service
  • Safety-certified hypnotherapist who is well trained in hypnosis, so you never have to worry and can book with confidence,
  • Insurance: Grade A Entertainer’s Insurance

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Let Twy Make Your Fun-Time Memories the Best Souvenirs