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About Twy James

Hypnotist, Entertainer, and Comedian

Twyz James started doing comedy hypnosis shows in California back in 2006. He started working alongside a master comedy hypnotist entertainer to learn all the skills of the hypnosis craft. Then a year later, he began doing comedy hypnosis shows of his own. It was great to see how happy the people were to have their event become a hilariously great time just by hiring a hypnotist.

Comedy Stage Hypnotist CA

All of this has inspired HypnoTwyz to join a school to become a “Certified Comedy Hypnotist Entertainer”. Now being certified in hypnotherapy by the “National Guild of Hypnotists”, Twyz is happily doing comedy hypnosis shows all over California, United States. He enjoys hypnotizing people, helping them to be the stars of the hypnosis show amongst the thundering laughter and applause of the crowd. By using the power of hypnosis, Twyz is able to help people overcome various things in their life that they were not otherwise able to overcome. Things that they are able to overcome by his comedy hypnosis show include overcoming addictions, getting in better shape by enjoying exercise, overcoming insomnia, becoming healthy by enjoying healthier foods, putting an end to bad habits, becoming competent at public speaking, and the list goes on. Through the power of hypnosis hypnotherapy, Twyz James is able to help you become all that you want to be.

Explode Your Laughter with Twyz James – Hire Twyz Comedy Hypnotist for Comedy Stage Hypnotist Entertainer in CA. Book Twyz Hypnotist now for your next fun feast event in California.


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HypnoTwyz comedy hypnosis show turns ordinary people into the stars of the show. See your friends, your coworkers, your family members or your guests become the stars.


Let Twyz make your Fun-Time Memories the Best Souvenirs!


Through Hypnosis - Twyz James is able to help you become all that you always want to be!

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Professional Hypnosis Entertainment Portfolio

While demonstrating his renowned charismatic abilities to perform as a college Hypnotist, Twyz performs a talent unlike no other. He amazes his audience with high packed mesmerizing energy to play wonderful tricks and mind games. Every time the audience are on the edge of their seats from the start till the end. You would surely witness a high positive energy comedy college hypnosis show to uplift your spirits through comedy, laughter and fun as it would surely be one-of-a-kind show.

Twyz has the natural tendency to release untapped power and energy from his mind blowing subconscious communications. He can just as easily influence a group of 80 people as he can do it with a 12 year old kid. Twyz is truly a hypnotist party entertainer that inspires audience with his body language, his relentless positive influence and energy, his thoughts and suggestions. He as hypnotist for birthday parties and can also perform for small, medium or large size groups at a show or even a private party. While most of his shows are family friendly, he can even cater to the demands of teens and adults in a private party or event.

Twyz James has been hosting comedy hypnosis shows for a long time. He has been performed for the US military on their favorite subjects on music, sports, comedy or just be it motivational speaking. His goal is to boost the spirit and morale for the men, women and children who are serving their country. He also promises to give out a show where troops can spend some time while singing, dancing, and enjoying the show. His shows aren’t really that nasty to play with the emotional or sensitive feelings of the soldiers. Twyz James is a known hypnotist Party entertainer and has a neck musical acts, motivational comedy hypnosis, or be it just be a small pep talk. He would talk with the soldiers in such a way that they would come out from their own way and start experiencing relaxation and peacefulness.

Twyz James is guaranteed to provide high quality entertainment for any high school, middle school or for college hypnotist show. As he is regarded one of the best comedy hypnotist entertainer in whole of California, he can erase the temptation, stress, peer pressure, vulnerability to drugs and other sexual urges in a nice peaceful way through his comedy hypnosis show. With a fun loving and friendly hypnotist show for middle or high school, the kids are sure to love him as he is ready to amaze, entertain, mesmerize and educate.

Whoever told you that laughter is the best medicine wasn’t kidding about it. Laughter has motivate as well as boost any person’s morale and make him say yes to anything. With a joyful and fun loving environment, anyone could happily make a donation. That is why Twyz James can be the best corporate comedian for hypnotist for corporate events to help raise funds in charity event by performing comedy hypnotic skits in which the audience love as they themselves are the stars of the show.

Twyz James develops and performs such mind mesmerizing comedy hypnotic shows that redefines casino entertainment. People who are either too happy or sad, instantly forget everything they know to get indulged into the hypnotist party show. With all the stunning light and spectacular arena, all guests marvel at the comedy stage hypnotist entertainer Twy James. He can make you forget your worries and stress with a snap of his fingers only.

Twyz James, one of the very best comedy hypnotist entertainer in California, is beyond doubt the most requested corporate hypnotist in the block. Delivering more than just average entertainment and making people feel how powerful their imagination can be. With a corporate audience, you can feel secure with an authentic proven corporate hypnotist comedian, who can easily create a high positive energy and engaging environment, making everyone to feel calm and enjoy the show.

Twyz James can be all set and ready to take on the stage and mesmerize and entertain a crowd of hundreds. With is outrageously funny comedy skits and shows, surprising comedy hypnosis sessions and a dedication to make the audience forget their troubles. Twyz James focuses on the power and intellect of the human brain and bring about powerful positive imaginations beyond the reason of control. While ensuring a safe and hilarious show where audience itself can take part in the show.

With a profound experience of performing hypnosis shows for high and middle schools, corporations, casinos, fund raisers, colleges and universities, Twyz James know how to entertain young kids in a birthday party with hypnosis shows that give out a positive energy of inspiration. With major elements of entertainment, audience and young kids are sure to be hypnotized with happiness. By seeing friends act in funny ways, the whole crowd can simply go nuts where nothing is staged or delusional.

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A Fantastic Experience by bringing together and witnessing people from all backgrounds having such great fun by exploring themselves openly with the power of imagination.

Why choose Twy AKA Hypnotwyz

For all the right reasons to dissolve realities so you can be more open to change and choose a reality with positive energy and the power of your imagination.

  • An action-packed show that is tailored for your audience.
  • Fast paced interactive show, full of energy, with choreographed music, audience participation, and astonishing displays of hypnosis.
  • A free copy of the show on video just for you and your guests.
  • Easy step-by-step booking. We are happy to answer any questions you have providing you an outstanding customer service.
  • Safety-certified hypnotherapist who is well trained in hypnosis, so you never have to worry and can book with confidence.
  • Insurance: Grade A entertainers insurance
What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation during which your subconscious mind is open to suggestions. A hypnotist will guide you through a sensory experience using visualization techniques.
What hypnosis is not?
Hypnosis is not brain washing or mind control. You cannot be made to do anything outside of your own moral compass. It is nothing like how they depict it in books or in the movies.
Who can be hypnotized?
Anyone can be hypnotized if that is what they want. One of the requirements is that you are a willing participant and are not being forced into hypnosis.
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HypnoTWYZ Shows

What’s so cool about HypnoTWYZ Shows?
At first I did not believe it but when I saw it for the very first time, seeing my best friend doing amazing and funny things, I was astonished. TWY James was able to make him believe that he was Justin Bieber and he actually performed and sang like him. It was so funny, I laughed till I cried.

Comedy Stage Hypnotist

Why Hypnosis Can be Best for You in a Positive Way
There is no doubt of the fact that hypnosis can be relaxing, soothing and calm experience for you. It can help you ease off and forget about stressful things. It can help you loosen up and ease away the tensions of depression, being addictive, financial problems, anxiety or bullying.