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Why Choose Twy AKA HypnoTWYz

Twy James started doing Hypnosis in 2006. He started working alongside a master hypnotist learning all the skills of the hypnosis craft. Then a year later began doing shows of his own. It was great to see how happy the people were to have their event become a Hilariously great time just by adding a hypnotist.


This inspired Hypnotwyz to go to school and become a certified Hypnotherapist. Now being certified in hypnotherapy by the national Guild of hypnotists, Twy is doing shows all over the United States. He enjoys hypnotizing people helping them be the stars of the show amongst the thundering laughter and applause of the crowd. By using the power of hypnosis, he is able to help people over come various things in a persons life that they were not otherwise able to overcome. Overcoming addictions,  getting in better shape by enjoying exercise,  overcoming insomnia, becoming healthy by enjoying healthier foods,  stopping bad habits. Becoming competent at public speaking, And the list goes on. Through the power of hypnosis hypnotherapy Twy James is able to help you become all that you want to be.

Our Show

HypnoTwy’z comedy hypnosis show turns ordinary people into the stars of the show. See your friends, your coworkers, your family members or your guests become the stars.


Twy James has been performing on stages for 15 years and has a charismatic way of exciting small or large crowds. Twy ushers members of the audience to break out of their shells with the power of hypnosis.


The show is clean and respectful and fun for all audiences. You will see hilarious and amazing things happen when the power of the subconscious mind is released.


Audiences will experience excitement, astonishment and laughter watching a fast-paced show with a customized mix of music while volunteers act out comedy scenarios while under hypnosis actually believing they are really happening. After performing in the show, each will feel an amazing feeling just like they had a full body massage.


So whether you’re in the show or watching in the audience, HypnoTWYz comedy hypnosis show will leave you feeling great
and with a memory of a lifetime

Why you’ll like our show:

  • An action-packed Show that is tailored for your audience.
  • Fast paced interactive show, Full of energy, with choreographed music, Audience participation, And astonishing displays of hypnosis.
  • A FREE copy of the show on video just for you and your guests.
  • Easy step-by-step booking. We are happy to answer any questions you have providing you an outstanding customer service.
  • Safety-Certified Hypnotherapist who is well trained in Hypnosis, so you never have to worry and can book with confidence.
  • Insurance: Grade A entertainers insurance

Hypnotwyz professional Hypnotist:

  • A custom Hypnosis show tailored for your style
  • Professional sound system
  • High-quality wireless microphone
  • Props included in the show for heightened visual effect
  • HD quality video Recording of your show just for you

What is Hypnosis?


Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation during which your subconscious mind is open to suggestions. A hypnotist will guide you through a sensory experience using visualization techniques to help you to relax your mind and allow yourself to let go. It is a normal state of mind that we experience everyday in different ways. For example, you may be listening to music and find yourself drifting off into a peaceful relaxation while driving your car and find yourself at your destination, not knowing how you got there. Your subconscious mind was on auto pilot, keeping you relaxed and operating the vehicle while you enjoyed the music. Your subconscious mind,  even while hypnotized by the music,  keeps you perfectly safe continuing to drive the car. Just as people in a hypnosis show will always keep them selves safe and won’t do anything they would not normally do.



What Hypnosis is NOT


Hypnosis is not brain washing or mind control. You cannot be made to do anything outside of your own moral compass. It is nothing like how they depict it in books or in the movies. People who have been hypnotized do not lose control over their behavior. They typically remain aware of who they are and where they are and they usually remember what happened during hypnosis. They are just so relaxed they comply and receive the suggestions willingly.



Who can by hypnotized?


Anyone can be hypnotized if that is what they want. One of the requirements is that you are a willing participant and are not being forced into hypnosis. A hypnotist or hypnotherapist will not force anyone to do anything and will not allow others to pressure you into being hypnotized.

Colleges and Universities
Loyola Mary Mount College
Santa Clara University
JFK Middle College
Imperial Valley College
Chapman University

Private Parties
Sweet 16
Holiday Parties
Company picnics
Office Parties
Graduation Parties
Promotion Party

Air Force

High School & Middle School
Montgomery High
Petaluma High School
Ely High Sober Grad
Ocean View High School
Cesar Chavez Middle School
South High School
JFK High School
Casa Grande High
Corona High School
Don Lugo High School
Santa Ana High School
Troy High School
Fullerton Union High School
Grenville High School
Century High School
Rancho Buena Vista High School
Just to name a few…

Fund Raisers
Breast Cancer Awareness  Rally
Breast Cancer for Life
ASB North High school
ASB South High school
Capistrano Valley Cheer Team
Children’s Hospital
Raney Intermediate school

San Manuel

Embassy Suits
Radisson Hotel
The Hilton
Eye Works Studios
The Savoy Club
Napa Auto Parts
Spyder Auto
Uline Shipping

Fairs / Festivals/Amusement Parks
Norco Fair
October Festival
Cesar Chavez Carnival
Castle Park
Norco Valley Fair
Sacramento County Fair
The Speed Zone
Dave & Busters

 Sororities & Fraternities
 Gamma Delta
Chi Omega
Omicron Mu Chapter
Alpha Delta Pi
Zeta Alpha
Alpha Phi
Beta Delta Chapter
Delta Sigma Phi
Kappa Delta
Alpha Gamma Delta
and many  more…

See what others are saying!

  • "Wow. I was laughing so hard. Very funny show. all the Girls at my Bachelorette party loved your show and we still talk about it. I look forward to having you at another event I am hosting soon. You were professional, courteous and had a great attitude. Thanks again."

    Trina H.
    Trina H.
  • "This event was amazing! The crowd was super enthusiastic and involved. Everyone was instantly hypnotized and the crowd enjoyed it! Hands down, the best hypnotist our school has ever had! Recommend for anyone!"

    Melanie F.
    Melanie F.
  • "Our Sorority Event went Awesome!!! We all Laughed so hard! Hypnotwyz was Amazing. I was so glad he worked with us and gave a fair price that we could afford. The sisters had a great time. He even tailored the show just for us using music and props. The best thing about his show is he is soo fun and works so well with all the volunteers who are hypnotized. It feels like he knows all of us even though we just met. We Can't wait to have Hypnotwyz back again for our next event. Renee and the Sisterhood of Alpha Delta Phi"

    Heather D.
    Heather D.
  • We had such a great time with you at our University. That had to be the funniest sorority sisterhood event we have ever had. I've never seen my sisters do so many crazy thing. We are definitely going to have that UCLA soon.

     Joanne Simmons
    Joanne Simmons
  • "I am Soo happy We hired Hypnotwyz. He made our party such a fun time. His show was Great for my friends and Family. He even tailored his show for our theme. We were laughing so hard because seeing our friends act like that and be dressed up in wigs dancing around. Too Funny. My bother volunteered and he said after he felt so relaxed. (he is a stressed out person) What a bonus! Thanks so much Hypontwyz. You were On time, Professional and fun. What at great night. I will be referring you to my friends."

    Taylor J
    Taylor J
  • "Hypnotwyz came to our sorority sisterhood event and it was one of the best sisterhood events we have ever had. Everyone was raving about how much fun it was and how we should bring him back for another event in the fall. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a hypnotist. He had a great sense of humor, as well as some tricks/jokes I haven't seen other hypnotists do before. Even though we only payed for an hour, he stayed longer than an hour because we were all having such a good time. He gave us a great deal and we were extremely appreciative for his services and for such a fun night!"

    Brittany M.
    Brittany M.
  • "Hypnotwyz was great! We had a group of 35 college-aged girls, and most of them did not believe in hypnosis before the show. Afterwards there was not one person who didn't believe in it. Everyone in the crowd was cracking up the entire time and truly enjoyed themselves. Hypnotwyz really catered to our group and had a great range of entertainment. I would definitely recommend Hypnotwyz to any group!"

    Rachel G.
    Rachel G.
  • "I am Soo happy We hired Hypnotwyz. He made our party such a fun time. His show was Great for my friends and Family. He even tailored his show for our theme. We were laughing so hard because seeing our friends act like that and be dressed up in wigs dancing around. Too Funny. My bother volunteered and he said after he felt so relaxed. (he is a stressed out person) What a bonus! Thanks so much Hypontwyz. You were On time, Professional and fun. What at great night. I will be referring you to my friends."

    Taylor J.
    Taylor J.
  • "All I can say is "AWESOME"- HYPNOTWYZ was AMAZING!! I honestly didn't believe in this sort of thing. Well I saw first hand!!!! all of our guests LOVED it!!!!!!!!"

    Teresa G.
    Teresa G.
  • "Hypnotwyz was great! I hired him for my daughters 13th birthday. He kept in contact with me and the day before the show confirmed that he would be there the next day. He showed up on time (with plenty of time to set up before the show was to start). He and his assistants were very professional in the set up and take down of their set. Since my party was for teens he had age appropriate acts. The kids all had a great time with tons of laughs! Now i'm just trying to figure out when I can have him back for a show with the adults! I know it would be alot of fun!! I would recommend hypnotwyz to anyone looking to have an awesome fun party!"

    Tami T.
    Tami T.
  • "Hypnotwyx provided a great awesome show for our company holiday event. His hypnosis show was very entertaining, leaving everyone with laughter and curiosity. I would recommend him to anyone who would like to experience hypnosis for the first time and have a great time at it."

    Anthony L.
    Anthony L.
  • "Hypnotwyz was amazing and the students had a great time at the event! We want to have him back as soon as we can...the only bummer was that traffic caused him to be over a half hour late! He definitely made up for it though with a great performance and he performed for a little extra time too, which was very nice of him!"

    Heather B.
    Heather B.
  • "I just love how professional Twy is....Everything went smoothly and the show was really entertaining. Definitely hope to work with him in the future."

    Jonathan H.
    Jonathan H.
  • "Hypnotwyz performed at our house for a surprise 17th birthday party. His show was amazing, and made the party a true success. Everyone was laughing uncontrollably the entire time, and the kids are still talking about it. We couldn't believe how real the hypnosis was. I would recommend Hypnotwyz for any event, even in a more private setting. We are SO happy we booked him."

    Madison S.
    Madison S.
  • "Hypnotwyz was amazing. We had a small script at the beginning to play into our event and he nailed it. We had a rather unique bachelor party and he was able to make it happen without a hitch. We were outdoors with not much for him to work with and he put on an amazing show. He made someone forgets their own name, it was hilarious. I'd definitely recommend Hypnotwyz and plan to use him for future events."

    Rico R.
    Rico R.


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